About pyMelt

PyMelt is an open-source python library for calculating the melting behaviour of the Earth’s mantle. The library implements the melting equations for multi-component mantle set out by Phipps Morgan (2001) alongside a number of melting models for lherzolite and pyroxenite lithologies.

How to Cite PyMelt

A manuscript is in preparation and a preprint is available here:

Simon Matthews, Kevin Wong, & Matthew Gleeson. (2022). PyMelt: An extensible Python engine for mantle melting calculations. EarthArXiv. https://doi.org/10.31223/X5JP7X

Until then, it is important to cite the release of pyMelt that you have used in your project. The Zenodo archive of the current stable release is:

Simon Matthews & Kevin Wong. (2020). simonwmatthews/pyMelt: v2.00: pyMelt manuscript resubmission. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7101330


You should also cite the individual pure-lithology melting models used in the calculation. See the models page for more information.


The pyMelt source code is available on github. The package is in continual development, see the branches labelled “dev” for the latest updates. If you spot a bug, or you have a feature request, please raise this as an issue on github.